Sean Ali Stone

Sean Ali Stone Interview: Gundem Ozel (Special Agenda), May 4, 2012

PRESENTER: Sean Ali Stone. He has recently embraced Islam. Sean Ali Stone is our studio guest now. We'll ask him about the reason of his decision. His story of becoming a Muslim... Welcome sir. Let me start by asking directly, as everybody is wondering, how did he become a Muslim?

SEAN ALI STONE: Well, I consider myself a Jewish-Christian-Muslim which means that I'm from a bloodline that is partly Jewish, baptized Christian, and in the course of this past year I wanted to reaffirm my faith in God, in Allah, and I was in Iran at the time, and it felt like the right thing to do frankly. There's a very powerful spiritual connection that Muslims have to their faith, and to me it was a simple thing to say, the shahadah; it's very simple to say that, that Muhammad is the Prophet of God. I believe that, and so anyone who believes that Muhammad, peace be upon him, is a prophet is a Muslim.

PRESENTER: Is it a matter of an instant that he became a Muslim or the result of a period, a process of reflecting?

SEAN ALI STONE: Maybe I was a Muslim before I became a Muslim. Because you in truth, I don't really feel like… before I was a Muslim, I did not feel like I'm Christian or I'm Jewish. I felt… You feel that you have faith in God, and you feel connected to God, and so I'd rather be someone who has faith as a believer than to say, you know, I'm Muslim or I'm Jewish, I'm Christian; these are just forms. I have faith. I'm a believer.

PRESENTER: Verses, hadiths or the Holy Lands; we wonder his opinions, ideas about these, his opinions at that first encounter?

SEAN ALI STONE: To me, the Qur'an is the Prophet taking the Hebrew tradition, and the Bible, the Gospels, to a land, Saudi Arabia, that was at the time pagan, and teaching them that there is One God, and teaching them faith in the One God. So the Qur'an is a beautiful text and the hadiths, you know, they will, insha'Allah, prove that Mahdi is here on earth, he's coming with an army of light, light from God, Allah, and it will transform the world, insha'Allah, this year, these coming years, the next century will be a tremendous time to live; I'm very excited to be alive in this time.

PRESENTER: I  feel that in your perception, your understanding, the most important part of faith in Islam is Tawhid, the doctrine of monotheism; is that true?

SEAN ALI STONE: This is important for me? Yes, this is important for me, that's why I believe that what matters is that people are believers, that they have faith, they know that this world is created and that they are all part of that process, because all men are created in the image of God. So that's the most important thing. And you know, frankly I hope that in the time to come we can educate people to have faith, that they can become better, that they can treat each other more justly, because what matters is that if you have faith and fear of God, you'll be better toward your fellow human beings, insha'Allah.

PRESENTER: How long has it been since he made this decision?

SEAN ALI STONE:Well again, maybe I was Muslim before I accepted Islam, because I accepted the Prophet many years ago, when I… maybe ten years ago, I accepted Muhammad, peace be upon him, as the Prophet of God, but I did not say this until this year.

PRESENTER: Does he know the Mahdi?

SEAN ALI STONE:Do I know him? Maybe. Maybe, insha'Allah. You know, I feel that this is the apocalypse; an apocalypse, an unveiling that we are living through at this time, and every human being is being touched by the light of consciousness; it's very difficult to describe it, but almost everyone I know is going through crisis, through breakdowns, awakenings, and it's a very amazing transformation; we don't know where we're going to be in the next few months, it's like any moment, a miracle can occur. This proves to me the existence of God, and this is why it's so important to have faith. Keep the faith no matter what at this time, no matter how hard it seems to get, just keep the faith that God is protecting us.

PRESENTER: Going back to the same question again. Although you said that you became a Muslim before. Any wordly cause that you made you to divert to Islam?

SEAN ALI STONE: No. No, there's nothing of this world, it's all metaphysical frankly. Again, there's a destiny I believe, there's a reason I was given the visual realization to accept this and it's not a difficult position because in the West, Islam is still misunderstood, feared; many Christians are still very skeptical about the religion, and so to announce this is not an easy position to be in, but I felt that this is something I must do if I want to help to bring peace between our parts of the world. The peace of faith. At the same time, you know, I want to be a peacemaker as much as possible, an ambassador between East and West. So I hope this facilitates and makes it easier to do so. Insha'Allah.

PRESENTER: Someone is saying, "Sean has been a Muslim only recently, but how does he already know so much?

SEAN ALI STONE:I know so much about Islam? Well again, I studied Islam for let's say, ten years. Because remember, in September 2001, with the attacks, many Americans became very fearful about Islam, and I wanted to understand the religion and also the history of the Middle East because that's so much connected to the religion, frankly; you can't understand the governments here, you can't understand the history, the Ottoman Empire for example, if you want to study this and how it collapsed and gave birth to the modern Middle East, you have to study Islam. So I'm a student. I'm still studying, and I love history and I love to read the words of the hadiths and Imam Ali and Al Arabi and Rumi and so many scholars, so many scholars to study, Farabi, Ibn Sina, so this is a continuous study throughout your life.

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