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Sean Ali Stone Interview: TNT Tv, Hayatin Sifreleri (Codes of Life), May 3, 2012

PRESENTER: World's significant personalities embraced Islam, one of whom is Sean Stone. We'll ask some important questions but one of the questions that our viewers are also very curious about is what has been the greatest factor that led him to become a Muslim?

SEAN ALI STONE: Well, first of all, I've talked to some Muslims about this, and they agree that I don't say that it's a conversion because when you faith in the One God, because there is no conversion from the same God. So I accepted Islam because I openly accepted the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and to say that, that's what makes me Muslim, is that I recognize the Qur'an as the continuation of the Abrahamic tradition. I'm part Jewish, I'm part Christian, I'm also Muslim. And I felt in my heart it was the right thing to do to acknowledge God to have this relationship to God directly through Islam. It's a beautiful religion, and very misunderstood in the West.

PRESENTER: Alright. Has he read the Noble Qur'an? Are there any parts that have affected him?

SEAN ALI STONE: You know, I've read the Qur'an, and I've read most of the hadiths. I've studied the history of Islam and I'm still a student, you know. I'm continuously learning. So it's not that anything jumps out at me specifically that made me want to embrace Islam; it's the attitude, it's the fact that the religion is about submission to God and you know, I've been through certain trials of the soul.

PRESENTER: Another question that people are very curious about is whether Hazrat Mahdi, whom is awaited by the entire Muslim community, will come. I've read his statements in some articles on this matter. Can we ask this question too? About the Mahdi. Will the Mahdi come, according to Sean?

SEAN ALI STONE: Insha'Allah. I believe that this is the time, this is the End Days in a sense, the apocalypse, because it's the end of time as we know it. The world as we know it will change, dramatically. And I believe that the Mahdi, and the army of the Mahdi, the army of Light which Allah uses as His instrument, that will shape consciousness.

PRESENTER: There was a sword on him during some interviews. It [is said that it] was Hazrat Ali's sword and in Shi'te Islam …

SEAN ALI STONE: Well, I accept Islam and I accept the Prophet, peace be upon him, he was not a Shi'te or a Sunni. Islam fundamentally is based upon his teachings and I love Imam Ali, I love his teachings. I'm not Shi'te as opposed to Sunni; I was in Iran when I accepted Islam.

PRESENTER: Alright. Armageddon is another subject that people are curious about. In other words the battle of the day of judgment. What can he tell us about this from what he has read?

SEAN ALI STONE: I don't think there will be a war. I think this is the point that we, as human beings, have to wake up and recognize that we are all living in the image of God. It takes a unique kind of consciousness to be able to kill someone, because only as a last resort, in self-defense, so to advocate any war at this time between countries is satanic. There is no place for it, and that is why I've been defending Iran against belligerence or warmongering from America, because I do not want to see my country, America, embroiled in World War Three.

PRESENTER: Yes, alright. Islam is rapidly growing in the world now. Are the Western countries perceiving this as a threat? Can we ask him?

SEAN ALI STONE: If I believed that Islam is a threat, I would not be here. You know, this is a big misconception about Islam, that it's a violent religion, a fanatical religion. If you want to call 'faith in God' fanaticism, then that's a real problem. That would be a materialistic problem.

PRESENTER: How do the Western countries see Islam, from the point where Sean is standing? Because he has been there.

SEAN ALI STONE: Well as I said, in the Western world there's a certain amount of fear and paranoia because of misunderstanding, because they are misinformed. They see Muslims equated with terrorists. They see faith as something that's fanatical, and to me I see it as very powerful. I've always seen Muslims, people I've been around, Muslims I've known in my life, have a tremendous faith in God, a relationship to God that I admire and that I also want to embrace in the same way and I hope to achieve that same connection in my heart to God.

PRESENTER: Let me ask a question. He is 27 years old, if I'm not wrong. What has led you to this   quest? What has led you to search for the right path?

SEAN ALI STONE: All the prophets are in the same line. And in truth I believe that anyone who has faith, faith in God, faith in the Creator by Whose power we all live, they all believe and those that are unbelievers, I hope we can educate them, and show them the power of faith. But no one deserves to be killed or disrespected or persecuted because they're materialists and they don't have faith. Maybe they're ignorant, and they need to be shown the light.

PRESENTER: OK, I'd like to ask this. What does he want to say about the End Times? Does he believe that the day of judgment will arise from among the people, or will it come from an external, heavenly body? I mean, how does he express the day of judgment? Can we ask him?

SEAN ALI STONE: I believe that we are all instruments of God. Everything is the instrument of Allah. So it does not matter what form this takes; it is the Will of Allah. Insha'Allah, His Will will prevail, and I hope that He is merciful with those who have been wrong in His Sight.

PRESENTER: I'll ask another question related to this. Does he believe that the day of judgment will come on December 21, 2012?

SEAN ALI STONE: Well, we know that there's an alignment of stars on December 21st, which is very unique, but they're stars within our solar system, I believe. I don't pretend to know how or when and how God will choose His time, but there's an awakening; I feel it around it me. I feel people waking up and seeing that we are not in three-dimensional reality. There is many dimensions. They intersect. And we are beginning to understand that time does not exist. There is many things that people are more conscious, and there is more spirituality, and that is a real sign. I believe the real apocalypse will be glorious awakening. And people will be transformed to become better. That's what I hope for.

PRESENTER: I'd like to ask something that I'm very curious about. On the day he became a Muslim and called his father to let him know, how did his father react? Can we ask him?

SEAN ALI STONE: He said Allah be with you, and you know, he was supportive, and he still is.

PRESENTER: We Muslims have a problem. We cannot express ourselves properly. What should be done? It's true that sincere people may be striving. There are professionals who really are striving on this matter. But do you have a suggestion that you'd like to make here? How should we tell about these, in your opinion?

SEAN ALI STONE:            I'm actually visiting Turkey as a guest of Mr. Adnan Oktar and he's written maybe 300 books under the name Harun Yahya. To answer your question about the Muslim thinkers and the way to express yourself, someone like Mr. Adnan Oktar who is a very wise man, who is working to have dialogue with the government of Turkey, with Israeli officials, with American officials, with Iranians, with anyone to express a dialogue of civilizations. My message is I think Turkey is still the center of the world. It is amazing to be at this point, it seems that Europe and Asia meet each other, so I think Turkey has a tremendous role to play as a peacemaker for the Middle East, and hopefully for Islamic Union, not the Ottoman style, but the modern style, so Turkey can be a peacemaker, a peace broker.

PRESENTER: Can the fact that you embraced Islam, turned to Islam affect your father too? Is it possible that he'll make another Oscar-winning movie about Islam, for example? Do you think this is possible? Do you think it can change something?

SEAN ALI STONE: Well, I don't know if he will, but it's more likely that I will. Insha'Allah.

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