Sean Ali Stone

Sean Ali Stone Interview: CNN, Piers Morgan, Tonight, Feb 24, 2012

PIERS MORGAN: Controversy is director Oliver Stone's middle name, and now his son may be following in his own footsteps. Sean Stone made headlines recently with reports he has converted to Islam, and he's been defending Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian President. Sean Stone joins me now to explain why.

Sean; welcome. You've been taking a lot of flak for all this. I suppose my first thought was, what was your father's reaction, as a Jewish legendary Hollywood producer when you told him that you were going to be converting to Islam and doing it in Iran? Be honest.

SEAN ALI STONE: Honestly I explained that.. I feel like I am trying to create a dialogue and end this clash of civilizations. Clash of civilization is nonsense. We've heard this model especially since the 1990s in particular, and this conception that Jews, Christians, and Muslims cannot live in harmony. And I want to end that, that rhetoric, and say I'm a Jewish-Christian-Muslim, and I want to be able to understand all three religions and have a dialogue with people from all across the board, and say we don't need to fight each other based on the Book.

PIERS MORGAN: Right. So what did your father say to that?

SEAN ALI STONE: He said, "Allah be with you".


SEAN ALI STONE: Yeah. I mean I said that…

PIERS MORGAN: Your father said that?

SEAN ALI STONE: My father made Alexander the Great, don't forget, who was a great unifier of peoples. You know, Alexander went as a Greek to Persia and he took over the Persian Empire, became their leader, their great king, and he married Greek and Persians and he was trying incorporate the cultures and elevate mankind as a whole. So I think he gets that.

PIERS MORGAN: But again I come back to the fact that your father is a very famous Jewish Hollywood producer. He now has a son who's been meeting with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad… Thank you for joining me.

SEAN ALI STONE: Thank you.

2012-05-17 20:56:12

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