Sean Ali Stone

Sean Ali Stone Interview: Nasr TV, Path to Islam, Feb 18, 2012

SEAN ALI STONE: Well, I'm not calling myself Ali. Ali is my middle name, not a Muslim name, so I'm Sean Christopher Ali Stone.

PRESENTER: Why so many names? Tell me about that.

SEAN ALI STONE: Well, Sean is my secular first name, Christopher is my Christian name, Ali is my Muslim name, and Stone is my Jewish lineage, last name.

PRESENTER: Okay. So it's a combination of all.

SEAN ALI STONE: It is a combination of all, and I'm a combination of all three religions. And that's why I've accepted Islam as a continuation of Judeo-Christianity, which is my religious base.

PRESENTER: Sean, let's talk about it. What made you make this decision? Did you feel that this was a continuation of, as you say, your Judeo-Christian background? What made you to decide to actually become a Muslim?

SEAN ALI STONE: I guess I wanted to take the burden upon myself from multiple points of view. In the West, Islam is pilloried now; just for having accepted Islam, I've been ridiculed in the West by people who don't know me, making accusations about who I am; they've never met me, and they don't know the first thing about how I think, and they already allege that I'm joining a religion of violence, that I must be a spoiled, lost kid. I mean, it's like the insanity of it goes to show the fear that Islam instills in Westerners. People don't understand that. When I take the vow of Islam, I say that I believe that Muhammad was a Prophet, the Qur'an is a beautiful book, Ali was a messenger within the same tradition as Muhammad.

PRESENTER: And since you've become Muslim, or in that process of becoming Muslim, tell me about your reflections on what you've just said. What are we doing here in this world? What is the goal? What is your purpose?

SEAN ALI STONE: I accepted this two years ago. My purpose is to be a servant of God, to be an instrument of God. I believe that each of us, if we accept that we are here to serve that which is higher, in ourselves, in others, it's there. It never occurred to me to be anti-Muslim; I always accepted Muhammad and Islam. As long as I've studied the religion, as long as I've studied the history of this place…

PRESENTER: So you've never had that prejudice?

SEAN ALI STONE: Never, never. It didn't make sense to me, you see, because we're all human beings, and I understand human behavior. I mean, my job is a filmmaker; my job is to study humans, to interact with everyone, to talk with everyone. It doesn't occur to me to be prejudiced. I think I have a big job ahead of me; I have chosen it. I have a job helping people understand, of teaching and helping to enlighten my fellow man, insha'Allah.

PRESENTER: Insha'Allah. Well thank you very much. I appreciate you talking to me, and I wish and pray for you all the best.

SEAN ALI STONE: Thank you.

2012-05-17 20:50:27

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