Sean Ali Stone

Sean Ali Stone Interview: Iranian Channel 4, Feb 18, 2012

PRESENTER: What do you think about the End of Times? Where are we now, and what are your beliefs about it?

SEAN ALI STONE: Well, I hope it is not end of this world. But I hope it is end of the age. You know, it's interesting that both Christianity and Islam believe in the Last Judgment. You know, that we must be judged for our deeds. And I wonder is it possible that we're going through this time now? This judgment. And so people talk about 2012 as the end of the world, but I think that it's the end of a cycle. And all around I see people who are waking up spiritually, and many people who are dying or committing suicide if they're unwilling or maybe unable to go on in this world. Because the world is changing, the consciousness of human beings is changing and so we must continue to bring the Light in and by doing that we align with the Mahdi. We can do it, anyone can join his army as soon he chooses to bring in the Light.

2012-05-17 20:46:33

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