Sean Ali Stone

Quotes by Sean Ali Stone

"The Qur'an is a beautiful text and the hadiths, you know, they will, insha'Allah, prove that Mahdi is here on earth, he's coming with an army of Light, Light from God, Allah, and it will transform the world, insha'Allah, this year, these coming years, the next century will be a tremendous time to live; I'm very excited to be alive in this time."

"People I've been around, Muslims I've known in my life, have a wonderful faith in God, a relationship to God that I admire and that I also want to embrace in the same way and I hope to achieve that same connection in my heart to God."

"I accepted Islam because I openly accepted the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and that's what makes me Muslim, is that I recognize the Qur'an as the continuation of the Abrahamic tradition… I felt in my heart it was the right thing to do to acknowledge God to have this relationship to God directly through Islam. It's a beautiful religion, and very misunderstood in the West."

"In my case, I happen to say it openly what I believe privately, which is that Muhammad was the final prophet of God and the Qur'an is a holy text, the same as in the Abrahamic tradition, and is inspired by God. So for me, actually… it was an affirmation, a reaffirmation of my faith in the One God, Allah, and to say that is what makes me Muslim."

"I had the vision that I should embrace Islam and show the West, especially now at a time when the West is fearful of Islam, that it is not a religion of violence, it is not a dangerous religion, it is the most beautiful glorious religion where you have a direct relationship to God. And that's I think is the most appealing, that's what really spoke to me the most. It is that what matters is you and your soul and your relationship to God, not through a priest or through anyone to tell you what God wants but to seek it directly."

"What I've always appreciated about Islam is the word Islam, submission. I think this is a tremendously powerful point that people have to understand that the most powerful person in the world is also the most humble. Because he only can operate thanks to God, thanks to the power that God gives him."

"I believe that we are all instruments of God. Everything is the instrument of Allah. So it does not matter what form this takes; it is the Will of Allah. Insha'Allah, His Will will prevail."

"Frankly I hope that in the time to come we can educate people to have faith, that they can become better, that they can treat each other more justly, because what matters is that if you have faith and fear of God, you'll act better toward your fellow human beings, insha'Allah."

"My message is I think Turkey is still the center of the world. At this point, it seems that Europe and Asia hate each other, so I think Turkey has a tremendous role to play as a peacemaker for the Middle East, and hopefully for Islamic Union, not the Ottoman style, but the modern style, so Turkey can be a peacemaker, a peace broker."

"Hopefully the whole world soon, will eaqually love me but also come to embrace Islam and at least the principle of One God, One Creator that creates all of us. Every man and woman is made in His image, the One image, you know the image of God."

"People talk about 2012 as the end of the world but I think that it is the end of a cycle.  And all around I see people waking up spiritually. Because the world is changing, the consciousness of human being is changing. And so we must continue them to bring the Light in…And by doing that we align with the Mahdi. We can do it, anyone can join his army as soon he chooses to bring light.”

"If Islam is introduced as a symbol of beauty to the world, all people would be attracted to it."

"It's a mistake to believe that Islam is antagonistic towards Judaism and Christianity. What we need is to understand each other's beliefs and to establish dialogue.”

"I feel like I am trying to create a dialogue and end this clash of civilization. Clash of civilization is nonesense. We have heard this model especially since the 90s particular, and this misconception that Jews, Christians, and Muslims cannot live in harmony… I want to end that, that rhetoric."

"The most important thing is I hope I can help Americans to understand the true nature of Islam."

"It's time to put it [opinion of clash of civilizations] to rest and realize that Christians, Jews, Muslims have lived historically together in this region, all over the world as well, in places like Serbia, Croatia, China, Russia, America."

"You know, I believe in Mahdi, I believe that there's a spirit of Light that's coming into the world now. 2012 is a very important year, and their consciousness will shift in a very rapid and transformative way."

"Islam is still misunderstood, feared… I felt that this is something I must do if I want to help to bring peace between our parts of the world. The peace of faith."

"I feel good when I enter a mosque. I believe there is only one God."

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