Sean Ali Stone

Sean Stone hopes Islam conversion aids understanding, by Paul Casciato, Feb 17, 2012

Reuters) - Sean Stone, son of the acclaimed film director Oliver Stone and adopted friend of Iran, hopes his conversion to Islam will help Americans understand more about the faith, the Iranian media has reported.

The 27-year-old documentary maker became a Muslim on Tuesday during a ceremony in the Iranian city of Isfahan, during which he adopted the Islamic name, Ali.

He travelled to Iran to produce a film about Rumi, the 13th century mystic Persian poet, and has plans to work with Iranian film producers.

"It's a mistake to believe that Islam is antagonistic towards Judaism and Christianity,' he told the ISNA news agency. "What we need is to understand each other's beliefs and to establish dialogue."

Asked how his conversion would be reported in America… "The most important thing is I hope I can help Americans to understand the true nature of Islam," he said.

"I feel good when I enter a mosque. I believe there is only one God and with this view it is not important whether you are Muslim, Christian or Jewish."

Iranian media has widely covered Sean Stone's conversion and his well-documented Iran-friendly comments.


2012-05-18 04:57:53

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