SEANALISTONE.COM - Recently AddedenCopyright (C) 1994 1SEANALISTONE.COMhttp://seanalistone.com children should be Europe’s big concernWhenever a child goes missing, a huge frenzy starts. Thousands rush in and help search for the lost child. Although sometimes the search yields heart-breaking results, most of the time, the child is happily reunited with the family. This is what usually happens in most parts of the world, because no person with a good conscience..., 27 May 2018 23:55:43 +0300A9 TV Iftar Dinner - Çirağan Palace - May 24, 2018Bismillah al rahman al rahim We love God very much and may God love us very much. May God remove evil from the face of the Earth and may God give solace to all our brothers and sisters, be them Muslims, Jews and Christians, and to all good, enlightened, modern, refined, well-meaning people, who want love and peace. May God prote..., 26 May 2018 23:15:09 +0300Unending Ordeal of ChildrenAll over the world, kids pay a heavy price when adults make irresponsible choices. As long as there is the will to help, there is virtually no limit to what can be done Certainly, the world doesn’t have a problem with regards to meeting everyone’s needs in food, shelter and safety. However, there is relentles..., 26 May 2018 03:41:00 +0300The Horrific Return Of Racism. Or Was It Always There?Racism was supposed to be finished in Europe. Europe and the Western world were supposed to have learned from the horrific consequences of their past. According to the official narrative in the Western world, the acceptance of racism is not even a question. They are the foremost defenders of human rights and they would never tole..., 26 May 2018 01:17:57 +0300People’s inability to forgive one another is one of the reasons behind the lovelessness in the world. They get upset and angry about everything and then do not forgive. They would thus be fooled by the plot of the satan. In fact, in the Qur’an God advices us to forgive. “Make allowances for people, command what is right, and turn away from the ignorant.” (Surat Al-A’raf, 199) (A9 TV; February 5th, 2018)..., 26 May 2018 00:14:48 +0300Competing in (and for) Good Deeds in RamadanThe blessed Month of Ramadan we are experiencing is a holy month in which the beauty of Islamic moral values is observed by the society in general, the hearts are mellowed, and believers’ efforts in this regard are redoubled. In the Qur’an, the Month of Ramadan is defined to be “better than a thousan..., 25 May 2018 17:59:01 +0300Ramadan: Then and nowEveryone loves Ramadan. The thrilling wait during the day, the delicious Iftar meals at the end of the day, nightlong celebrations and festivities that go on for a whole month, happy times with friends and family, delicious sweets like halwa and zalabiya, the joy of waking up all together in the middle of the night to eat sahur a..., 25 May 2018 16:00:21 +0300World cocooned by the peace of RamadanThe peaceful touch of Ramadan has once again lovingly descended on Russia, home to 23 million Muslims. Although many people think that Ramadan is only a holy month of Muslims, it is also a great blessing for Christians and Jews, who also believe in one God. As a representation of this fact, people from different faiths frequently..., 25 May 2018 15:05:41 +0300A person with an open conscious can never deny the existence of God. Such a person would never do that, it is impossible. But those who do not have a soul- for instance the hypocrites- can do that, they deny the existence of God. They are already dead inside, they are the people of hell. God refers to hell as the realm of the dead in the Torah. (A9 TV; February 5th, 2018)..., 24 May 2018 01:34:31 +0300Some people are in a panic since our President Mr. Erdoğan will become even more powerful if he unites with the enlightened and modern section of the society, so they are trying to do whatever they can to drive a wedge between our President and such people. We will always keep our enlightened, modern youth right beside our President Mr. Erdoğan insha’Allah. (A9 TV; February 5th, 2018)..., 24 May 2018 01:28:35 +0300If there is anything wrong we have done, they can warn us giving references from the Qur’an. We are not doing any act that is deemed unlawful in the Qur’an and we would never do. Since those who criticize us are also aware of this fact, they are unable to say that this is unlawful according to the Qur’an, they merely say this is unlawful in my opinion. We abide by the Qur’an not anyone’s own convictions. We would heed the advice the moment we are warned with the verses of the Qur’an. We are positive people. We accept and embrace what is right the moment we see it. But they fail to bring us any evidence from the Qur’an. (A9 TV; February 5th, 2018)..., 24 May 2018 01:26:21 +0300The British deep state and the homosexual global structuring are in a campaign against Turkey. They are trying to – in their own minds- disrupt the quality, skill and the reliable structure of the Turkish state. To prevent this threat, the secular, enlightened and cultured members of the society should definitely support our President Mr. Erdoğan and not leave him alone. (A9 TV; February 5th, 2018)..., 23 May 2018 23:54:33 +0300Enjoining good and forbidding wrong (al-amr bi-l-maʿrūf wa-n-nahy ʿani-l-munkar) is a religious obligation for Muslims; that is the responsibility of all Muslims. It would be wrong to be offended or upset when the commands of God are reminded. (A9 TV; February 5th, 2018)..., 23 May 2018 23:53:07 +0300Islam in the Qur’an, Islam as lived by the Companions of our Prophet (saas) is a perfect religion that brings joy, welfare, relief and a enlightened understanding of quality and arts to the world. There is a small minority that tries to destroy this religion. We will continue to communicate the right and the true path with the Qur’an, with knowledge and wisdom no matter what they do and we will practice the commands of God definitively insha’Allah. (A9 TV; February 5th, 2018)..., 23 May 2018 23:47:17 +0300Some circles will continue to be disturbed by our efforts so long as we stand firm against Darwinist, materialist ideologies, so long as we stand against the PKK, against homosexuality, against the British deep state, so long as we continue to advocate the AK Party, so long as we continue our support for the MHP. Yet we will never give up this right course of action. The reason for some people’s disturbance about us is actually not the revealing clothes they see on the screen. The real reason for their disturbance is that we reveal the British deep state, that we explain the invalidity of Darwinism. Some circles will continue to be disturbed by our efforts so long as we stand firm against Darwinist, materialist ideologies, so long as we stand against the PKK, against homosexuality, against the British deep state, so long as we continue to advocate the AK Party, so long as we continue our support for the MHP. Yet we will never give up this right course of action. We will thwart the plots of the British deep state every single time with laws and the legal system, with knowledge and wisdom.(A9 TV; February 3rd, 2018)..., 23 May 2018 23:43:31 +0300May God bless the martyrdom of our heroic soldiers. May God give their families a beautiful patience. What a beautiful rank they have been given, may God bless us with that beautiful rank as well. (A9 TV; February 3rd, 2018)..., 23 May 2018 23:40:52 +0300If we explain people that they carry the Spirit of God and that those around them carry the Spirit of God as well, they would all love and respect one another. But it would not be possible for them to love and respect one another if they see each other as an animal species, as a bacterium. On the other hand, the misogyny of the orthodox traditionalist system strips people of love and beauty.(A9 TV; February 3rd, 2018)..., 23 May 2018 23:12:20 +0300A believes would want to turn this world into Heaven on earth. The satan wants this world to be like hell. It wants hatred to spread. Note that most of the people you see around hate one another. If they love one political party, they hate all the others; if they support one sports team, they hate all the others. Actually the fact is that all of them are the children of this homeland. Everyone can live together nicely, brotherly by showing respect to one another. While it is possible to live brotherly side by side, the existence of an inconceivable language of hatred is a result of the attacks of the dajjal. We strive with all our might to put an end to this filth of lovelessness intellectually with science and wisdom. With love and respect, we constantly strive to make people love quality, friendship, beauty, brotherhood with positivity and thanks to God we are succeeding. You will all see in 3-5 years that friendship and love will be victorious. (A9 TV; February 3rd, 2018)..., 23 May 2018 23:09:31 +0300May God give our soldiers strength, power and health. They are the valiant heroes of the world’s most compassionate, sublimest army. May God make our army triumphant. (A9 TV; February 3rd, 2018)..., 23 May 2018 23:07:03 +0300Claiming that it is not possible to have fun and entertainment in an environment in which the Qur’an and religion is discussed would mean taking Islam out of a wide expanse of life. The Qur’an is everywhere in Anatolia, they are dancing halay and have their weddings in houses where there are copies of the Qur’an. Women and men of Black Sea play horon together. They have the Qur’an with them as well. In the Southeast of Turkey, women dance halay together with men. They too have the Qur’an. God’s name is mentioned and verses are read, the Prophets are talked about in djemevi in which women and men whirl together. Do they think all those should be banned as well? Since such a thing would not be acceptable, it is important to create an environment in which people will be able live according to their thoughts and their faiths comfortably. (A9 TV; February 2nd, 2018)..., 23 May 2018 06:14:01 +0300